Connect Energy

Connect Energy is the renewable energy arm for solar and wind energy deployments. The company also undertakes design and consultation services for MEP, STP and Green Building certification (LEED certification).

Potential Health Development

Potential Health Development was established in response to a highly complex need: an integrated approach to better living. The philosophy of the company is to pioneer Life Sciences. To attain this goal, PHD has employed in-depth scientific research, diagnosis and cutting-edge technology to aid designing of highly effective preventative and performance health programs that gives the results one desires.

Cenegenics India

Cenegenics India is focused on Preventive Care and Age Management via medically sound strategies thus helping one maintain health and live well longer. Cenegenics India is an expert in using the latest technology and medical research to create a personally tailored medical program to help patients reach their optimal goals.

Invictus Performance Lab

Invictus Performance Lab is focused on working with skill coaches to develop well-rounded and informed athletes by balancing the need for nutrition, strength & conditioning, injury management & rehabilitation, and mental coaching. The aim is to give Indian athletes and sports personnel the tools and facilities to excel in international sports events.


Primagenics provides high quality dietary supplements that are designed to take care of nutritional deficits seen in regular dietary patterns. The supplements aim to boost energy, improve metabolism, reduce pain and injury, augment performance and introduce antioxidants to one’s daily living.

3K Healthcare

3K Healthcare is an innovative initiative that focuses on preventive healthcare. The company offers comprehensive and world-class primary healthcare services that focuses on early diagnosis, regular checkups and timely follow-ups.

Gene Express

Gene Express brings to you the best in international genetic testing, expert interpretation and lifestyle integration. They provide for an evidence-based, scientific health-guided customization for sustainable improvement of quality of life and subjective perception of health.


SynkroScaff is an alternative to the conventional Bovine Pericardium Patches that were used for the purpose of surgical scaffolding for many years. This product has proven itself in multiple applications and has undergone rigorous testing by some of the most renowned surgical practitioners in India.


Drithi Bio solutions in association with PHD has formulated a flour that is composed of moringa seeds and flax seeds. This highly nutritive plant-based flour is gluten free with good bioavailability. It's therapeutic claims include; Anti-diabetic properties, cholesterol management & immune enhancement.

Firefly Life Sciences

Firefly Life Sciences is a team of Scientists, Product Engineers and Management Professionals who are backed by a highly connected business network. They test, validate and develop business readiness for new products entering the market by creating experimental Ecosystems that bring together technology, best practices and both economical and ecological sustainability.


The Ayala Water and Ecology Company assists in restoring nature’s primary balance. The NBS – Natural Biological System™ Technology developed by the company for the purification and enhancement of water, soil and air is part of the science of Phytoremediation which uses plants as a powerful natural filter. In short, NBS uses a range of natural elements which create an efficient ecological system.

Connect Infra

Connect Infra was founded with the objective of bringing new and innovative technologies and processes to the fields of road infrastructure.They provide road infrastructure solutions, with end-to-end execution capabilities. The core principal is to provide the customer with a road surface that lasts a long time and is both financially viable and eco-friendly.

Carbon continuum

Carbon Continuum makes carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from industrial carbon emissions. Applications of CNTs are abundant and limitless; for example, sporting goods, construction, electronics and all modes of transportation, particularly for space travel. Since the company is using waste carbon emissions (mainly methane, which is 20x more potent in global warming effects than CO2), they can offer low-cost CNTs, enabling the use of this material on a commercial scale.

Kai Design Sense

Kai Design Sense is a close-knit team of design revivalists with an aim to bring design back to a full circle, advocating candour and emanating modesty. From logos to packaging, it is a design house that helps craft visual identities of one’s brand and business.


ZSP is an Interior design and architecture firm that continuously strives to conceive design and architectural ideas that labor and give birth to beautiful spaces and structures. To them creation of brilliant designs is an exquisite mélange of aesthetics and functionality coupled with a holistic design solution that blends architectural, landscape, interior and furniture needs.

IT Connects

IT-CONNECTS was established in July 2011 as a technology solutions provider primarily involved in development of web-based and client/server based solutions. Having been involved in multiple product/project development lifecycles, it has since turned its attention towards addressing the growing challenges of Technology Solutioning.


Sid-Art.Co is all about experimental and out-of-the box commercial photography, art and video making. The firm’s aim is to continuously strive to capture the essence of the subject; be it portraiture shoots for glamour or product photography for business. It is a team of talented photographers, videographers, editors and directors who offer quick turnaround with high quality execution.

Company Of India

Company of India's aim is to preserve the expertise of Indian artisans. They work directly with them to ensure that the products are crafted in the traditional method and that they use techniques that have been handed down through generations. The focus is to create a sustainable platform wherein beautiful and unique products are made keeping in mind quality and excellence.